What happens to a company when a visionary CEO is gone? Most often, innovation dies and the company coasts for years on momentum and its brand. Rarely does it regain its former glory. Here’s why. Microsoft entered the 21st century as the dominant software provider for anyone who interacted with a computing device. 16 years later, it’s […]

The spookiest pocket monsters are out haunting your streets right now. Pokémon Go’s Halloween event has started around the world. The location-based app that puts monsters in the real world with you using your smartphone’s augmented-reality features will give trainers more opportunities to catch the most gruesome creatures. This includes Haunter, Zubat, and Gastly. Pokémon Go […]

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In his first 10 months at the helm of what is arguably the world’s most potent corporate vc arm, Intel Capital’s Wendell Brooks has weathered wrack after wrack. First, there was the sharp decline in venture activity at the outset of 2016; then, a rather public tumult about potentially divesting a 400-company portfolio, and through it all, […]