The death of retail is greatly exaggerated

 I’ve been thinking a lot about retail these days and I’ve been connecting the dots between the seeming death of retailers like Ralph Lauren and the book industry. In short, we are feeling the seismic echoes of the 2008 crash right now on Main Street and things are both ugly and pretty at the same time. The book industry, like the music industry, nearly imploded when the world… Read More

5 Sectors Benefiting from the Surge of Drone Startups

Venture capitalists will certainly remember the year 2015 as the “year of drone startups,” but the revolution in the ecosystem still has not reached its peak. As reported by WSJ, venture capitalists will continue to invest in drone-related pitches, especially after the last year’s…

How Olay uses deep learning to personalize skin care

The beauty and skincare world is oversaturated, especially if you include all the affordable convenience store brands. If you’re a shopper with a budget, you are likely mixing different products and blindly guessing which combinations will work — like a chemist without a periodic table. AI technology has already revolutionized transportation, food, and even health. Why […]’s visual search finds clothes that match your style is making bots that use your photos to identify an item of clothing, then show you where to buy it (or a visually similar item of clothing) online. The bot can also recognize photos of home decor products and share trending topics from online retailers as varied as Amazon and Louis Vuitton. The Facebook Messenger bot launched today. […]

Amazon’s retail ambitions include furniture and appliances, plus groceries in India

 Amazon’s brick-and-mortar retail plans currently focus on its ongoing roll-out of physical book stores, as well as its very limited experiments with cashier-less convenience, but it could expand those ambitions significantly with a number of plans currently in the works. The New York Times reports that it’s also exploring ways it might retail appliances and furniture, two categories… Read More

Bulletin offers a flexible approach to shared retail space

Bulletin SoHo In the startup world, opening a real-world, physical store can seem a bit quaint. Who wants to deal with the sky-high rents charged in prime, urban locations, not to mention getting locked into a long-term lease? Well, a Y Combinator-backed company called Bulletin is looking to offer a more flexible experience for brands who want to sell their products in brick-and-mortar stores — COO… Read More

The 3 Reasons Why All Fashion Retailers Love Instagram

The construction of a prototype for a leather hat lining is displayed, mid-stitch. A completed beaver felt bowler rests on head of cork. A small child and a middle-aged architect both proudly display their own hats inside a Manhattan-based hat store. These beautifully constructed…