Twitter cuts Dataminr access for law enforcement fusion centers

surveillance-block Facing pressure from the American Civil Liberties Union, Twitter announced that it will limit the data access it formerly provided to domestic surveillance hubs. Twitter’s longstanding policy has been to prohibit the use of its data for surveillance, but a social media monitoring firm it partially owns, Dataminr, has repeatedly taken government contracts that give local and federal… Read More

Videopath’s platform adds crucial context to video — could it fight fake news?

anna Part of the reason so-called ‘fake news’ videos can spread so virally is that there is very rarely any supporting information attached to the video. Further links and verified sources just don’t get attached, either because there is no way of adding that to the video or the maker and/or the sharer just don’t bother. So a ton of video comes out that has no clear sources,… Read More

The Arduino MKRZero is a teenier, tinier DIY board for hardware hackers

mkrzero What do you buy for someone who has everything? Either a pink fairy armadillo or an Arduino MKRZero. I’d recommend going with the Arduino. The MKRZero is basically a really, really small microcomputer with a number of outputs and headers as well as a battery management system and USB control. It’s great for learning or building 32-bit applications and it’s small enough to… Read More

Skype begins testing an all-in-one app on Android offering native phone calls, SMS support & more

skype-mingo-android A new Skype application dubbed “Skype Mingo” has been spotted in the wild, offering Android users the ability to use Skype as the native calling app and contacts manager for their smartphone, while still being able to take advantage of Skype features like chat, file and photo sharing, video calls, and its new bots. The app, still in alpha testing according to Google Play, was… Read More

Flo raises $1M led by Flint Capital for its AI-driven period calculator

flo-ios The Flo app — the period calculator for women that tracks and predicts menstrual cycles, ovulation, and fertile days — has raised $1 million in seed round funding led by Flint Capital along with the Haxus Venture Fund co-founded by Yuri Gurski (who invested in MSQRD that was sold to Facebook in 2016). The Flo app is developed by OWHealth, a US-based startup. Like MSQRD, Flo was… Read More

Explain Everything, the digital whiteboard, raises $3.7 million to bring learning to the iPad

screen-shot-2016-12-15-at-10-11-09-am Should you be interested in the lifecycle of the bee or the magic of clip art and equations then Explain Everything would like a world. This Wroclaw, Poland-based company offers a sort of iPad-powered whiteboard that lets you collaboratively display drawings and text, equations, and even stamp out fun (and educational) clip art presentations. The company recently raised $3.7 million with the… Read More

Super Mario Run lands on the iPhone today

img_0586 It was only announced in September, but for Nintendo fans, it amounts to years of waiting, as Nintendo dragged its heels and refused to give in to the seeming inevitability of Mario’s smartphone debut. The intent behind the gaming giant’s steadfast insistence was understandable, if, perhaps, ill advised. Nintendo is both hyper-protective of its intellectual property and accustom… Read More

Kreditech adds Rakuten as new investor, raises another $10.4M

money cash Kreditech — the online lender that builds credit histories based on big data analytics and is backed by the likes of Peter Thiel, Blumberg and the World Bank’s IFC — is today announcing a new strategic investor, and with it, a little more funding. The Hamburg startup has raised $10.4 million (10 million euros) from Rakuten, the e-commerce giant out of Japan. The… Read More