Jimmy Wales’ Wikitribune to combat fake news with wiki-powered journalism

 With fake news continuing to dominate the discussion about the future of the media and role of social networks in spreading it, many in the tech world have tried to come up with ways to fight this new cancer. Various pronouncements have been made by Google, Facebook and Twitter about tweaking their algorithms. But it’s hard to get away from the fact that human beings are probably going… Read More

LoveCrafts, a social network and marketplace for makers, raises $33M

 Facebook may have the generalist social network on lockdown, but when it comes to communities based around special interests, the playing field remains full of promise. Today, a U.K. startup called LoveCrafts, aimed at knitters and other home craft makers with a platform that is part social network and part e-commerce marketplace, is announcing a significant growth round to seize that opportunity. Read More

LoveCrafts raises $33 million to grow its community-based platform for makers

LoveCrafts, an online community and platform for crafts, has raised £26 million ($33 million) in a round of funding led by Scottish Equity Partners (SEP), with participation from Balderton and Highland Europe. Founded out of London in 2012, LoveCrafts serves as a home and digital marketplace for crafting communities, such as LoveKnitting.com and LoveCrochet.com. It’s basically a […]

Google Assistant can now turn you into a wannabe bird whisperer

About 25 news actions have landed on Google Home for Google Assistant including an action to hear the sounds of hundreds of bird songs and one that transforms into the person in your office who says innocuous, buzzword-laden things in meetings. More than 175 actions have been made available on the Google Home app since the launch of the […]

Intel and VentureBeat shine a spotlight on game developers

Presented by Intel Debut articles in the highly anticipated collaboration between VentureBeat (VB) and Intel are about to start rolling out. The first posts flying the “Developer Spotlight” banner will be available on the PC Gaming Channel of VentureBeat’s GamesBeat section, starting on April 25. Because each game developer has a unique story to tell, […]