Rumor: Call of Duty to return to World War II

Call of Duty is apparently returning to the familiar battleground of World War II in 2017, according to a leak. The move comes after a disappointing outcome for the science fiction version of the game, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, which pushed boundaries but didn’t sell as well as previous versions of the annual title. […]

Audio Of The Week: Going Direct To Consumer

Jeff Raider founded/co-founded two “direct to consumer” businesses in the last ten years, Harry’s and Warby Parker. In this conversation with David and Andy, he lays out how he thinks about the ways that direct to consumer is changing the way brands and retailers do business.

Tobias Stone talks about identity, cryptography, and the future of citizenship

 In this episode of Technotopia I walk to Tobias Stone, a writer, entrepreneur, and academic. Tobias has been writing on Trump and Brexit and worked with, a workgroup focused on cryptographically proven citizenship.
Stone believes that the Estonian model of e-idenity is the future and that the mission for every country should be to make their workers, citizen, and expats digital. Read More

Subscription best practices: It’s all in the timing (VB Live)

Want to tap into recurring subscription revenue? Setting an effective pricing strategy and making payments seamless are your most important goals. To find out how industry leaders in subscription pricing marry strategy and tech seamlessly, join our interactive VB Live event featuring’s senior manager of electronic payments and fraud prevention, along with VB’s Stewart Rogers […]