Delivering value in Facebook’s immersive future

Facebook’s F8 conference was hailed by many as a momentous shift towards a more intelligent, personal, and immersive future. Besides betting big on mobile and camera as the augmented reality platform of the near future, the social media powerhouse outlined its Messenger platform as the place where you socialize, get entertained, and shop. Some are […]

Mail.Ru Group creates $100 million investment division to fund games

Games could use a boost, and now the Russians are coming. Moscow-based Internet communications firm Mail.Ru Group is announcing that it has set up a $100 million investment division to invest in games and developers. The investment amount is the largest one from Russia to support the game industry, and it will invest in game companies there as […]

How the World’s Largest Voiceover Marketplace Found Success is the world’s largest voiceover marketplace: an online portal to help people locate 200,000 professionals who can help record audio for everything from commercials to textbooks. It’s a unique community, which makes the decade-long path that this startup took to success an interesting primer…